Thursday, September 24, 2009

Park updates, 22nd St. process, trash, lights, etc.

TUCSON -- The 22nd St. widening issue remains hot. Two designs I saw in August had problems that would harm the neighborhood and park. 22nd Street should keep the current alignment and the 6 lane design as narrow and nice as possible. I am watching this as State Rep. for the area and neighborhood/park resident/family man who cares. Go to the meetings and get involved, keep an eye on for official information.

The skatepark seems busy most of the time. Trash remains an issue in the park, especially related to skatepark, feedings and sometimes sports events.

Ball field lights seem often on late and sometimes when no one is playing, wasting money and energy and wrecking the night sky. Tucson Parks & Rec should deal with this and other park issues better.

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