Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Healthy neighborhood effort in Santa Rita Park

IMPORTANT MEETING on this: Mon, Nov 27, Sam Lena Library, 6-7:30pm. Also Wed., Dec 6, Woods Library, 3455 N. 1st Av.

More info: 626.5293

“Building Healthy Neighborhoods” in Tucson

How is your health and the health of your family impacted by your home and your neighborhood?

What makes a “healthy home” or a “healthy neighborhood” or a “healthy lifestyle”?

The Drachman Institute’s Community Outreach Planning and Design Center (COPC) has received a grant to explore these questions with the residents and neighborhoods of the Tucson Empowerment Zone and selected neighborhoods to the north and south of the University of Arizona.

The Building Healthy Neighborhood team includes students, staff, and affiliated faculty at the Drachman Institute and College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and partners in the Colleges of Public Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Management, Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Medicine. This team will work with target area neighborhood residents to provide information and assistance to improve the health of neighborhood families and individuals, their homes and their neighborhoods.

This project effort will build on existing partnerships between the Drachman Institute and other team members and the target area neighborhoods, non-profit organizations, area businesses, and the governments of the City of South Tucson, City of Tucson, and Pima County.

Specific project activities will be determined by the interests of the participants but may include:

Activities to address chronic diseases associated with obesity, poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle choices;

Activities to address the design, affordability, sustainability, and health impacts associated with housing;

Screening mechanisms for chronic diseases associated with obesity, poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle choices;

Designing infrastructure (greenways, pedestrian and bicycle paths, parks, etc.) in neighborhoods and connecting neighborhoods to promote exercise and healthy lifestyles among children and adults;

Developing policies and strategies to improve, support, and maintain the quality, design, affordability, and health-enhancing attributes of regionally-appropriate housing and neighborhood development.

While the team will work directly with neighborhoods that will be selected based on a demonstrated interest in establishing a neighborhood project, the team’s effort will also include a continuing series of workshops and other events in the target area over the next two years. Contact the Drachman Institute for more information, 626-5293.

“Edificando Vecindades Sanas” en Tucsón

¿Qué impacto tiene su hogar y su vecindad en su salud y la de su familia?

¿Qué es lo que constituye un “hogar saludable” o una “vecindad sana” o una “manera de vivir sanamente”?

El Centro de Extensión a la Comunidad de Planificación y Diseño del Instituto Drachman (Drachman Institute’s Community Outreach Planning and Design Center) (COPC) ha recibido una dádiva para explorar estas preguntas con los residentes y las vecindades de la Zona de Otorgamiento de Poderes de Tucsón y seleccionó vecindades al norte y al sur de la Universidad de Arizona.

Los colaboradores de Edificando Vecindades Saludables incluyen estudiantes, personal, y a docentes afiliados con el Instituto Drachman y el Colegio de Arquitectura y Arquitectura de Jardinería Ornamental, y socios en el Colegio de Salud Pública, Ciencias Sociales y de Conductismo, Administración, Ciencias Agrícolas y de Vida, y Medicina. Estos colaboradores trabajarán con residentes en la zona-objetivo para proveer información y asistencia para mejorar la salud de las familias e individuos, sus hogares y sus vecindades.

Este esfuerzo del proyecto edificará en compañerismos existentes entre el Instituto Drachman y otros miembros de la colaboración y las vecindades de la zona-objetivo, agencias sin fines de lucro, negocios en el área, y los cuerpos gubernamentales de la Ciudad de Sur Tucson, Ciudad de Tucson, and el Condado Pima.

Actividades Específicas del Proyecto serán determinadas por los intereses de los participantes pero podrían incluir:

Actividades para poner atención a enfermedades crónicas asociadas con la obesidad, la mala nutrición, y decisiones insalubres de la vida cotidiana;

Actividades para poner atención al diseño, poder afrontar los gastos, poder sostenerse, e impactos a la salud asociados con las viviendas;

Técnicas para selección de enfermedades crónicas asociadas con la obesidad, la mala nutrición, y decisiones insalubres de la vida cotidiana;

Diseñar infraestructura (vías frondosos, senderos para peatones y ciclistas, parques, etc.) en vecindades y vecindades anexas para promover ejercicio y maneras de vivir saludablemente entre los niños y los adultos;

Desarrollar políticas y estrategias para mejorar, apoyar, y mantener la calidad, el diseño, poder afrontar los gastos, y atributos que ayuden a la salud de viviendas apropiadas a la región y desarrollo de la vecindad.

Mientras los colaboradores trabajan directamente con las vecindades que serán seleccionadas y demostraron interés en establecer un proyecto en la vecindad, el esfuerzo de los colaboradores incluirá una serie continua de talleres y otros eventos en la zona-objetivo en el paso de los siguientes dos años. Comuníquese con el Instituto Drachman para más información, al 626-5293.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Next neighborhood meeting is Dec. 6

SOUTH TUCSON -- The next meeting of the Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Assoc. will be Wed., Dec 6, 5:30-6:45pm at the Sam Lena library on S. 6th Av.

We'll be discussing current plans, needs and actions.

Meetings are first Wed., same time and place each month.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Secs. minutes from Nov. SRPNA meeting

Location: Sam Lena Library, 1607 S. 6th Ave., Tucson, AZ


Six person quorum present of SRPNA members, and sign-in sheet passed. New officers elected:
PRESIDENT: Mr. Daniel Patterson
VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. Oscar Rendon
SECRETARY: Ms. Viki Rambo
TREASURER: Mrs. Margaret Roomes

Meeting called to order by our newly elected President, Mr. Daniel Patterson.

GUEST SPEAKER: Sergeant Zimmerling, Tucson Police reported "successes" and continued efforts to rid our neighborhood of drug dealers and "non- neighborly" conduct within the boundaries of: 22nd St., to the North; I-10, the West; 26th St., the South; and the Railroad tracks, the East boundary.

The Southside Presbyterian Church, Primavera Foundation and Soup Kitchen who deal with the homeless are participating successfully: introducing a Lottery System for Workers at the Pres.Church and a proposed fence to appease neighbor to the South. Evictions: focused at 201 and 216 E. 25th St. and the apartments at 1300 S. 2nd. Reported: officers are "educating" to address our specific needs.

Sergeant Webster, present, will assume Sgt. Zimerling's duties within this area after the press conference at the Southside Presbyterian Church, November 4, 2006, at 3:00pm.

GUEST SPEAKER: Mrs. Marilyn Robinson, Associate Director of the Drachman Institute, announced: "Building Healthy Neighborhoods." SRPN is eligible for this granted assistance. Selection will be based on need and involvement of the members of the community. Three neighborhoods will be selected City-wide. Hand-outs were provided with meeting times and locations for us to attend: Monday, Nov. 20; Monday, Nov. 27, and Wed., Dec. 6, 2006. SRPNA members present plan participation at one of the above meeting. More information is available at www.DrachmanInstitute.org.

SPEAKER: Mr. Abe Gonzalez Marques, Council Aide to Steve Leal, Ward 5, reported the clean-up of the Arroyo south of 22nd St. is put on hold until the "hot- spots" are dealt with; areas defined by human infections and dead birds found with the West Nile Virus.

It was reported by Sgt. Zimmerling, a 10 yr. old playing with Roman Candles from Ochoa School is responsible for setting ablaze the just installed playground equipment at 9th Ave. and 25th St. Investigation of the use of the "fire-retardant bark", the fire, at this Pocket Park is on-going.

Semi-trucks traveling West of the railroad tracks on 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th St. is addressed by Mr. Daniel Patterson; presented to Mr. Jim Glock, Director of the Transportation Department of Tucson; resulting with TDOT making maps to resolve this issue in the Millville, Armory Park, and Santa Rita Park neighborhoods. Maps are anticipated for review in 1-2 months.

Article II., Officers, of the Bylaws of the SRPNA read by Mr. Oscar Rendon, and the need for a Neighborhood Watch Leader (NWL) presented.

Meeting was adjourned with a round of applause for the newly elected Executive Board of SRPNA.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New site for Santa Rita Park neighborhood

TUCSON -- Santa Rita Park is just south of downtown, between 19th & 25th Sts. and 6th Av. & Nogales line railroad tracks.

It is my intention to make this an interactive site for our neighborhood.

Daniel R. Patterson
Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association