Monday, June 16, 2008

Next SRPNA meeting July 2; Got (rain) water?

Water Harvesting for YOU

Water bills are going up. Would you like to catch some of the rain that will run off your roof next month and use it later?

Would you like to have a water harvesting system on your house?

If you qualify, you could have a 500 gallon water harvesting system built by the Teaching & Helping program for only the cost of materials by NEXT WEEK. (You must own your own home, have limited income, and be able to pay for the materials in two payments. Cost is about $400 - $600, including some rain gutters.)

The Teaching & Helping program trains teens and community volunteers to repair and upgrade existing houses. We organize small teams made of an experienced mentor and several volunteers who do important projects on the homes of limited-income families. The homeowner pays for the materials and the labor is free.

Next week, teams from the Volunteer Center's summer youth program will be installing a wheelchair ramp, a water harvesting sytem, installing ceiling fans, repairing electrical and plumbing problems, etc. Your home could get the water harvesting system.

If you are interested and feel you might qualify, contact Tres English, 795-3413 or tres1(at)mindspring(dot)com

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