Saturday, September 15, 2007

SRPNA looks out for night sky above field glare

Tucson's dome of nightly light pollution

TUCSON -- SRPNA today raised concerns about light pollution from ball field lights. The letter below was sent to Peg Weber of Tucson Parks & Rec., and other city officials. DRP


Hi, Peg -- We ask Tucson Parks & Rec to please carefully inspect the ballfield lights this week, preferably at night, and consider the best ways to reduce glare and light pollution in to the night sky.

Perhaps we could meet with your staff to investigate and look for solutions?

Right now the lights on the NE field are on, and some are pointing up in to the sky. They may have been rearranged by monsoon winds.

The lights on the west field also shine in to the neighborhood pretty bad. We'd like them redirected, and perhaps dimmed or a few shut off.

We believe these lights may be in violation of Dark Sky rules and goals, and it has been quite a problem for a while. The new white lights have not helped, and even seem brighter.

Have these systems ever been checked for compliance with Dark Sky rules?

Also, sometimes the ballfield lights are on, but no one is playing. Is there a number we may call so they can be shut off? Seems like a lot of wasteful and expensive energy use.

Thank you,

Daniel Patterson
Santa Rita Park NA


City response from Peg Weber of Parks & Rec., 9/21

Thank you for this e-mail discussion about the lights at Santa Rita Park. We have sent our staff to check the field lights, and early next week, our light contractor will be out to make needed adjustments to the lights...

The Sports Office of our Department has been informed, and will contact the leagues that play on the fields, asking that the lights be turned off when they have completed play, rather than waiting for the timer to shut them off. We are also checking the timer to assure it is operating correctly.

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