Sunday, August 26, 2007

SRPNA says no to Big L Mkt. liquor license (again)

(copy of email sent)

Hon. Mayor and Council --

The Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association (SRPNA) strongly opposes a liquor license for Big L Mkt., within our neighborhood boundaries.

As you may recall, Big L recently applied, and was denied by the state. Now they are back, and should be denied again. SRPNA opposed it then for good reason, and we still strongly oppose a liquor license for Big L.

Big L's owners, from well outside our neighborhood area, have refused to work with SRPNA to clean up the place and stop selling cheap malt liquor and single cans and bottle of alcohol.

Drunkeness related to Big L is a blight and danger in our neighborhood.

Please again support local citizens and oppose the Big L liquor license request at the hearing before you on Sept 5.

We ask you please to also direct the City Atty. to closely follow and oppose this application at all levels, including in front of state authorities in Phoenix.

Thank you,

Daniel R. Patterson
Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association

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