Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Healthy Neighborhoods update -- Drachman Inst.

Dear Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association Members,

We appreciated your time and interest in the Building Healthy Neighborhoods Project and were excited about the discussion we had at your February 7th meeting. Our Building Healthy Neighborhood Project team came away with a sense of how the Neighborhood Association wanted to proceed.

In the meeting we attended, there was a lot of discussion about neighborhood improvements, including considerable focus on Santa Rita Park.

One of the suggestions for how to gather general information and improve communication within the neighborhood, was to hold a community / Health Festival in Santa Rita Park.

This event could have booths for raising health awareness; screenings, games, activities and prizes, information sharing, gardening sign up, Neighborhood Watch or safe neighborhood sign up, a neighborhood / park improvements Table..etc.

If that is step one, then things for the neighborhood to consider are:

1.) If a Community Meet & Greet event was to take place, what months would draw a larger audience? (April/ May/June/July/August...?)

2.) What specific focus would Santa Rita Park Neighborhood like to see at this event?

3.) Who are neighborhood leaders that could head up planning & coordination?

The Neighborhood Association also sought assistance with getting a newsletter going instead, of the simple card that goes to residents currently.

Our Building Health Neighborhoods team would like to attend another Neighborhood Association meeting, to gather more information and help plan the next step.

Jean McClelland, Kirsten Hoak & Lauve Metcalfe
Drachman Institute
University of Arizona


SRPNA thanks the Drachman Inst. We will meet again with them in Mar or Apr to continue planning on this and more. DRP

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